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About Murray & Co. Real Estate

Sandee and Peter Murray
2017-2018 FCAR
Relator of the Year Awards

Hi there!

Founded on the mission of helping others with their real estate needs, Murray & Co. Real Estate is a vision my wife, Sandee, and I have had since the beginning of my real estate career in 2013. 

We are excited for our little dream to grow, but until then, it’s just me and Sandee. I handle all of the real estate pieces and Sandee is the master behind our content. She has aptly given herself the fancy title of Chief Writing Guru. She is pretty awesome!

I hope you find our website helpful when you are undergoing your own real estate adventure, no matter where you live! If you are local to the Maryland area, or need to find a Realtor elsewhere in the United States, give me a call, shoot me a text, or send me an email. I want to help everyone enjoy their real estate experience, as much as I love helping my clients, so that’s a lot!  

I look forward to working with you in the future, 


Peter Murray
Realtor & Principal Broker

301.452.5614 |
Murray & Co. Real Estate