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Interview Series – Emily Harlow and Alyssa MacFawn of LifeCYCLE Studio

Interview Series – Emily Harlow and Alyssa MacFawn of LifeCYCLE Studio

May 11, 2021

What a fantastic conversation with an awesome group of entrepreneurs!

The owners of the top spin studio in Frederick, Maryland are here and chatting with me about their business, the community, and life. I obviously highly recommend taking a class and joining their community but, in this stream, Emily and Alyssa are sharing their values, why they started the company, and how they are using their platform to inspire others.I highly recommend taking a class and joining their community if you have not already done so!

On the call, I had the opportunity to chat with Alyssa MacFawn and Emily Harlow; both co-owners of LifeCYCLE Studio in Frederick, Maryland. We shared inside jokes (which are now public), talked about their philosophy, the way they supported the community through the pandemic, and discussed the success they have built.

“Challenged. Inspired. Empowered.” is their tagline. They help their members take the inspiration out into the world and not just in the studio. LifeCYCLE is also going to be launching a new line of merchandise with this tagline. The coolest thing about the tagline is they way Emily and Alyssa live the culture they instill at LifeCYCLE every day outside of their business. Whatever the fitness level of their members, they will work with you, inspire you, and help get you where you want to be. As Alyssa said, “never feel defeated.”

The entrepreneurship traits are off the charts. The business was started right before the pandemic and the way they evolved their business model to thrive in an environment where their business was shut down completely was very impressive. They ramped up their social media outreach, connected their bikes to their LifeCYCLE app, and even delivered their spin bikes from their studio to members so no one missed a workout.

All of their classes are streamed live or you can take the classes live and in the studio. They also have a Video on Demand (VOD) library of spin classes, strength training classes, and a host of other classes to offer a variety of options for their members. This platform also helped them leverage and evolve their business model to start an accountability program to create a fitness, nutrition, and accountability program which is super cool because there is so much more to a workout than the workout itself.

Sign up on their app, create a profile, and get to work! There is an active promotion going on right now where you can sign up for $21 to take unlimited classes for a week. Or, if you want to only give one class a try and drop in, use code “Alyssa” or “Emily” at checkout.

Be sure to check the video out and give LifeCYCLE Studio a try the next time you want to take a spin class or join a studio!

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